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Featured Image - 15 Shoppable Video Examples

15 Shoppable Video Examples + The Lessons We Learned From Them

Video is a powerful medium for promoting your brand. Add an interactive element to it, and you have the perfect way to reach and engage your target audience.

Think of shoppable videos as online store windows where you can instantly learn more about any product. Consumers save time by clicking on the products they want to buy while watching a video. There’s no need to leave the video and search for them on the internet, hoping to discover the products online. 

Interactive videos offer a simplified shopping experience to consumers, so it’s not surprising that 64% of them want to spend more time with interactive videos.

Meanwhile, brands love using shoppable videos because they can improve the viewing experience and increase the conversion rate. In fact, videos with interactive elements see 2x the number of conversions and 3x longer viewing times compared to non-interactive videos. 

It’s a win-win!

No doubt, shoppable videos are here to stay in the ecommerce industry (and beyond!). Now, how do you start creating shoppable videos for your brand? We’ve collected the top 15 shoppable video examples and unpacked why they stand out to help you find inspiration for your content.

COTU Recipe Interactive Video Example

1. COTU Recipe Video 

COTU created this video example to showcase a few ways you can use a shoppable video. Imagine you want to promote your cookware and sell the ingredients of a recipe. You don’t want your consumers to search for the products after watching the video, do you? This is where the shoppable video comes in handy since you can showcase both the products and the recipe without disrupting the viewing experience.

What They Did Well

  • Product Preview: Each card has enough information to make it easier for the viewers to choose where to click and what to expect.
  • Non-intrusive Viewing Experience: You don’t need to leave the video to view the recipe or learn more about the products. This can improve the user experience and video engagement.
  • Multiple Interaction Options: The viewer can choose what they want to do next, whether they want to view the recipe or buy the ingredients or cookware. 
Missoni Interactive Video Example

2. Missoni

Missoni turned the Adidas collection into a shoppable video for their website and Instagram account. Viewers can watch the video and click on the looks they want to explore. This makes browsing the products and shopping easier.

This video saw an engagement rate of 38%, helping consumers discover the products and learn more about them.

What They Did Well

  • Ad-Based Shoppable Video Campaign: They turned their ad into a direct shopping experience, increasing engagement and conversion rate.
  • Shop The Entire Look: You don’t need to focus only on one product at a time. You can discover all the products in an outfit and shop the entire look, which is a big win for the brand and equally helpful for the customer.
  • Auto-Pause: The video stops playing when you click on a look and open the product card so you can take your time to explore product details without distractions.
Ted Baker Interactive Video Example

3. Ted Baker

Ted Baker decided to revamp its website in 2017 to turn shopping into an interactive experience. Website visitors would feel like they are part of a show while exploring a house in a 360 world.

What They Did Well

  • Creativity: Inspired by TV show aesthetics, website visitors are pleasantly surprised by the immersive experience, which could definitely boost engagement.
  • Highly Interactive: They use a 360° world to make you feel a part of it as you explore different rooms and view different products. 
  • Extensive Product Variety: There are many products within the video, and all are shoppable, making it easier to boost conversions.
IKEA Interactive Video Example


IKEA created an interactive shoppable video to help customers discover more about their products while they’re set in different rooms. Their video saw 4x more interactions per active viewer, while the average user spent one minute on the product shots.

What They Did Well

  • Scripted Voiceover: The use of voiceover can make it easier to communicate your message to your consumers. Think about how you can make it more engaging so that it doesn’t disrupt the viewing experience.
  • Allowing Social Media Sharing: Once you click on the products, you can share them on your social channels. This is an excellent idea if you want to reach a new audience through your consumers.
  • Decoration Ideas: Every shoppable video should be interesting enough to entice the customers. This example not only displays the products but also inspires the watchers on how to showcase them in their homes.
FARFETCH Interactive Video Example

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FARFETCH created the video Store in the Sky to introduce their Olympia Bag. They created a 3D experience in 15 languages to bring digital fashion closer to the metaverse.

What They Did Well:

  • Creative And Clean Layout: The idea stands out from the first section due to its clever design, but it’s also easy to navigate, enhancing the user experience.
  • Matching The Brand Image: Your video should match your brand proposition to boost the association between your brand and your products. The focus on nature, in this case, aligns with FARFETCH’s brand image.
  • Detailed Product Descriptions: Adding details to your product descriptions can make it easier for a consumer to reach a decision and conclude a sale. However, make sure you don’t add too many details as it may overwhelm the watcher.
Zara Interactive Video Example

6. Zara

Zara created a video that gives the viewer control of the narrative. They saw an increased interaction rate of 257%, with every viewer having an average of 3.1 interactions.

What They Did Well

  • Engaging Story: Focusing on the narrative and giving freedom to your viewers can boost engagement, provided you spend some thought in delivering what your audience would want from you.
  • Excellent Retail Experience: The combination of good storytelling with an outstanding retail experience guarantees success in a shoppable video. Think about how you can highlight the products most effortlessly in a story.
  • Clear Call-to-Action: Clear CTAs in this example help the viewers understand what they need to do next. Make sure they blend with the story but still stand out and are easy to notice.
Pandora Interactive Video Example

7. Pandora

US Magazine and Pandora teamed up to create an interactive video that helps you find a gift for everyone on your shopping list. It promotes Pandora’s holiday collection through a quiz to make shopping fun and engaging.

What They Did Well

  • Personalization Quiz: This is a very creative and engaging way to launch a shoppable video that stands out and makes it fun for your audience to spend more time on it.
  • Clear Intention: The messaging makes it clear that you can find a gift for everyone with Pandora’s holiday collection. The questions get insight into the buyer’s preferences and offer personalized recommendations, increasing conversion chances.
  • Product Shots and Aesthetics: The products chosen for this shoppable ad are not only aesthetically alluring, but the shots themselves are enticing. The screen duration for each product is enough for the audience to appreciate them and engage.
Walmart Cookshop Interactive Video Example

8. Walmart Cookshop

Walmart Cookshop created an interactive video that allows you to make a customized winter drink. Presented by Kraft Heinz, you can pick the ingredients at each step and get the recipe in the end to create your very own drink.

What They Did Well

  • Create A Personalized Recipe: Everyone loves personalization, especially when you get to create a new drink. Give your customers a chance to feel they control the narrative to boost engagement.
  • Shop Ingredients For Your Custom Drink: This is an excellent shoppable video example because it blends an engaging experience with an easy way to purchase the products, i.e., leading the customer from discovery to conversion seamlessly.
  • Step-by-Step Guide: The video is not just about selling the ingredients – it’s also helping you make the drink with the ingredients you prefer with a step-by-step guide. This approach can increase the video’s view time since the viewers want to see the final result, i.e., the drink they made.
Porsche Interactive Video Example

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9. Porsche

Porsche created an interactive video that matches the brand’s focus on performance. As part of the video, you can click to find out more details about Porsche Cayenne to get the full Porsche experience. The video had a 9X greater interaction rate and a 16% increase in message recall.

What They Did Well

  • Single Product: This video focuses on one product exploring its features in detail, which means the campaign should keep the viewers engaged until the end. 
  • Detailed Product Guide: You can find ample details about the features of the Porsche Cayenne to help the viewers find everything they need to make up their minds about buying.
  • Highlight Product Performance: Porsche is all about performance, so the brand wanted to ensure that viewers could access all the details. If your product has a strong, memorable feature, use the messaging in your favor to improve the recall.
Bally Interactive Video Example

10. Bally

Bally created an interactive shopping experience to promote its products. In the very first second, there is an indication that the video is interactive so that you know what to expect.

What They Did Well

  • Product Hotspots: They are strategic about product placement so that you don’t miss them as part of the story.
  • Interactive CTA: The call-to-action is clear and easy to notice without disrupting the viewing experience.
  • Strong Storyline: A shoppable video can benefit from a strong storyline as it helps viewers connect with the content and watch for longer.
MATCHESFASHION Interactive Video Example


MATCHESFASHION created an interactive video introducing 12 emerging designers from their Innovators Programme. You can learn more about the designers and their stories and shop their collections.

What They Did Well

  • Good Narrative: There is a clear narrative, and you know what to expect from the video. You can learn more about the designers through the script or click the hotspots to read the text.
  • Minimalistic: The aesthetics reflect the brand and the feel they want viewers to experience from the video. 
  • Personalize The Viewing Experience: As part of the video, you can choose whether you’ll click on the hotspots or let the video play on its own. This is a great way to let the viewer be in control and listen to the story in their preferred way.
Hyundai Interactive Video Example

12. Hyundai

Hyundai created an interactive mobile video to present its all-new 2020 Elantra. Their use of modern technology to reflect the powerful brand led to 9X more interaction rates than a traditional video and 5X more engagement.

What They Did Well

  • Vertical Video: The video is vertical to match the best viewing experience on mobile. When creating your video, think of the devices the majority of your target audience uses and how your viewers can make the most of your video.
  • Remove Distractions: You can pause the video to focus on the product features. Once you click on the interactive elements, the video pauses so that you can focus on the interactive message you received. Unsurprisingly, this video was 32% more memorable than the traditional one.
  • Modern Look: The video has a sleek look with a fast pace that creates a good balance between the story and the content. Hyundai is consistent with strong branding, which ranks them at the top of customer loyalty.
Nestle Interactive Video Example

13. Nestle

Nestle created a shoppable video to promote the Nescafe Dolce Gusto products. The video presents different beverages, and you can see the products used on a sidebar on the right.

What They Did Well

  • Product Features: The video makes it easy to look at the product features and find more details about them.
  • Non-Disruptive Viewing: The layout is simple, with a product sidebar to avoid unnecessary distractions. You can simultaneously focus on the video and the products, which favors a longer watch time.
  • Clear Message About The Video’s Interactivity: From the first seconds, you can tell that the video is interactive, which tells users what to expect and give them a chance to interact more.
Benetton Interactive Video Example

14. Benetton

Benetton created a shoppable video to promote their collection as the models walk the ramp. The video highlights from the very first seconds that it’s interactive, allowing users to ‘shop the video.’

What They Did Well

  • Runway Style Video: The video stands out as it feels like you’re attending their runway show with the bonus that you can discover more about the looks simultaneously.
  • Shop The Complete Looks: It’s easy to click on the CTAs and shop the entire look instead of searching endlessly for all the products to complete the look.
  • Multiple Hotspots At Once: There are instances with multiple hotspots on your screen to highlight different products. It’s created in a non-disruptive way, while viewers can choose to click on the products they like.
Sony Interactive Video Example

15. Sony

Sony created an interactive video to promote their wireless headphones. The video has everything you need to know and interactive links to additional info, including places from where you could buy. 

What They Did Well

  • Excellent Video Layout And Strong Sound Effects: It’s all about the headphones, so the video wanted to match the experience with impressive sound effects. The layout is also very engaging, with a good pace that gets you hooked instantly.
  • Easy Buying Options: As part of the video, you can find the different ways to buy the product, along with the price and the estimated delivery time. This is a smart way to get consumers thinking of the next steps in purchasing.
  • Catchy Product Descriptions: Strong branding is also reflected in the product descriptions to help customers reach a positive conclusion.
Interactive Videos Statistics

Create Your Own: What We Learned From The Above Examples

Now that we’ve seen some of the best shoppable videos out there, you can use COTU to create your own shoppable videos. However, before you do that, here are the key takeaways to keep in mind.

Display The Product As Early As Possible

“It’s important to display the product early so that people know that the video is interactive,” says Annie Hinners, Marketing Director, Interactive Video Expert.

You don’t want to keep the viewers guessing for long to discover that the video includes shoppable products or interactive elements. This doesn’t mean you should rush into it and add interactive features right in the beginning. 

Wait 3-5 seconds after the video starts to add your first interaction point, whether it’s a hotspot or a product link. This will ensure that your viewers understand the context of the video. Porsche, for example, introduced the first product in the 6th second.

A/B Test Your Videos

You are competing with yourself when you’re getting started with shoppable videos. It’s always a good idea to try out different options until you figure out what works best for your brand. There’s always room for growth, so make sure you spend the time to find your own best practices.

How about creating an interactive video and running it against its non-interactive video to compare the difference in engagement and conversion? Similarly, you can experiment with using product cards or an expandable drawer of products. You can also test different languages in or timing of the product cards to determine what your audience likes the best.

“We actually did a lot of testing and found that most people prefer product cards to appear in the top left corner because they found hotspots distracting and hard to click,” Hinners explained. 

Indicate That The Video Is Interactive

You shouldn’t assume your viewers know how to engage with a shoppable video. Try not to let them wonder what they need to do with the video. You can include a short clip at the beginning of the video to explain to the viewers how they should interact with the content as Pandora did. 

Another excellent way is what Bally did. They clearly mentioned that the video is interactive in the opening credits. This elevates audience expectations and keeps them focused as they anticipate engaging with the interactive elements. 

Learn From Your Work

You don’t know what to expect when you’re just starting with shoppable videos. The best way to measure success is to create your first video. Once it goes live, you will start getting results that will help you analyze what went right and what can be improved in the following videos. 

With COTU analytics, you will get the following top three insights.

  1. Engagements, i.e. someone expanded the product card to learn more.
  2. Clickthroughs, i.e. someone clicked the product CTA button to go to the landing page.
  3. Campaign and product performance comparisons, i.e. results about which products and campaigns outperform others. 

Never Disrupt The Viewing Experience

A successful shoppable video helps you boost both your engagement and conversion. You can’t get conversions without engaging your viewers first.

“You can make it really easy and simple for your customers to learn more about your brand and buy your products. They don’t have to leave the page. They can do it all from the video. This allows customers to linger longer and retain more information from the videos,” says Hinners.

That’s why it’s essential to focus on the story as much as the shoppable products. For example, in their ad, IKEA managed to create an engaging video that is interesting for the viewers and can still land a reasonable conversion rate.

With these lessons in hand, you can create a winning shoppable video for engaging your audience. If you’re ready to move to the next steps, you can create your first interactive video using COTU and explore new ways to engage your customers. Request a demo today to see how you can increase your brand engagement and ROI with shoppable content.