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15 Shoppable Video Companies: Solutions and Software

Shoppable video has taken off in the last few years, and its usage is expected to grow exponentially. 

Customers love shoppable videos because they can learn more about featured products and buy them directly from the video. They no longer need to pause the video and fumble around the internet to find the products that catch their eye. 

Brands love shoppable videos because the frictionless shopping experience increases engagement and boosts sales and conversions. 

Videos are likely to be the future of ecommerce marketing. They are expected to account for more than 82% of consumer traffic in 2022. Moreover, 87% of marketers maintain that video gives them a positive ROI. According to a survey by Spiel Creatives in 2021, companies reported an 87.7% growth in online sales after using interactive video. 

As these statistics indicate, astute brands and retailers are already shifting their focus to interactive and shoppable videos. But to do that, they need the right software. That’s why we’re going to look at the best shoppable video companies on the market so you can choose one that fits your exact needs.

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How Shoppable Videos Can Boost Sales
How to Choose Features That Are Right For You
Shoppable Video Solutions And Software
Shoppable Videos
Live Shopping
Virtual Selling
Social Shopping

Shoppable Video Benefits for Ecommerce

How Shoppable Videos Can Boost Sales

Shoppable videos are an outstanding tool for businesses for many reasons. Not only do they provide a superior and unique shopping experience and increase customer satisfaction, but they can also help drive growth in your bottom line.  

They Provide Access to Important Analytics

Shoppable video software lets you collect data to track your videos’ performance. You can see when the videos engage your customers the most and why. Then, you can use this information to inform future videos. 

You can find out which products get the most clicks and what video parts may need improvement. You can get individual customer data, recognize patterns, and personalize the user experience for your customers. Data shows that 91% of consumers are more likely to buy from brands that provide them with relevant, personalized offers and recommendations.

They Increase Engagement

Shoppable video, especially compared with passive video, provides a superior customer experience and is effective at engaging shoppers. Customers involved are more likely to buy more, promote more, and be more loyal. As the Director of Brand Marketing at COTU, Annie Hinners, explains, “They’re going to remember the product they’re interacting with so you can increase customer retention and engagement through it.”

According to a report by Magna, viewers spend 47% longer watching interactive videos than traditional ones. Even more importantly, the ability to interact with the video makes it 41% more memorable, which drives a 9x higher impact on purchase intent. 

Impact of Interactive Ads on Brand Recall

They Provide For a Seamless Shopping Experience

User experience is essential for conversions. Ordinary ad videos interrupt the shopping experience because watchers have to go to another page (or another site!) to decide whether to buy a product or not. 

Shoppable videos allow brands to showcase their product details and add CTAs to buy right in the video. Since customers can directly add their favorite items to their carts, the effortless interaction can reduce friction and get 380% more clicks.

They Increase Conversion Rates

Hinners explains, “Shoppable video allows customers to “linger longer” and really retain more information from the videos.” When they spend more time on your content, they learn more about you, and you get more opportunities to motivate them to convert. 

While they’re happily engaged, you can give them an opportunity to buy products directly—without going off the page and breaking their train of thought—convincing them to buy from you. Ted Baker increased its conversion rates by 30% in just one week of the launch of its shoppable video.

They Promote Shoppertainment

Brands are constantly looking for new and unique ways to hook customers. By using shoppertainment, they blend ecommerce with entertainment such as fashion shows, how-tos, product demos, tutorials, and mini-movies, which can elevate customer expectations. 

Hinners explains, “You can apply this to a lot of different types of videos besides shoppable such as product demonstrations or influencer videos.” Ultimately, shoppertainment increases the time customers stay with you. 

Shoppable Video Benefits Statistics

Tip: Learn How to Make a Shoppable Video in 4 Easy Steps

How to Choose Features That Are Right For You

You should be able to customize shoppable videos specifically to meet their needs. As a result, it’s essential to understand the multiple features available to you to choose the best software that meets your needs. 

  • Higher Conversions: Make sure the software allows you to include products with the necessary information, preferably in the top right or top left corner, rather than being on the product itself because customers find that really distracting and hard to click, as Hinners explained. With all the crucial information at hand, watchers could decide quickly and buy directly through the video.
  • Increased Engagement: You need software with built-in analytics to better understand your customers’ preferences. Personalization offers an effective way for brands to interact and engage with their target market. Once you know their interests and what they’re looking for, you can personalize your videos accordingly.
  • A Shorter Customer Journey: Include clickable elements in your videos, as this can improve customer engagement. Software that allows you to place hotspots or clickable CTAs can shorten a buyer’s journey by making it easy to learn more about products and add them to their shopping cart.
  • Brand Recognition: Make sure the software you choose allows you to incorporate as much of your brand identity as possible. That includes your logo, brand colors, typography, social media handles, etc. These additions will make the video more memorable and easily recognizable.
Interactive Video Statistic

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Shoppable Video Solutions And Software

Shoppable video is a prominent ecommerce trend that’s already growing exponentially. Brands that haven’t joined the bandwagon are looking for ways to hop on before the competition leaves them behind.

Since it’s an emerging technology, many companies are offering innovative solutions features, thanks to continuous R&D. Following is an overview of 15 shoppable video companies on the market, which you should compare. 

COTU Shoppable Videos Category Banner


COTU isn’t your average shoppable video software. It’s a product of extensive R&D and customer analysis. With COTU, adding products to videos is a breeze. All you need is to drag the products and drop them on the timeline, adjust their position, and viola— your shoppable video is ready! In the end, you get three different options to publish your content, i.e., custom link, embed code, and QR. 

Standout Features: Click to Learn capabilities, advanced analytics features, non-intrusive customer experience, and top-notch personalized support. 

Pricing: TBD

Trial Duration: In Beta (Request a demo)

COTU Interactive Video Platform

2. MikMak

MikMak is a global ecommerce acceleration platform for multichannel brands. Its software provides analytics data that helps companies understand how their consumers behave online so that they can enhance their marketing expenses and drive sales online. It allows brands to convert social video views into direct sales.

Standout Feature: Helps identify new high-performing audience segments.

Pricing: Commission per sale

Trial Duration: Free

MikMak Ecommerce Acceleration Platform
“It was easy connecting with support and it has decent insights. On the implementation end, it was time-consuming and left too much room for error.” — Stephanie.

3. Clicktivated

Clicktivated can provide a seamless, non-intrusive experience to customers who can interact with the products in a video. They can view the products, get more information, and buy them instantly. The patented technology can identify and follow products in a video, making monetization easier for content creators. 

Standout Feature: Allows viewers to choose categories for a personalized feed.

Pricing: N/A

Trial Duration: N/A

Clicktivated Interactive Video Platform
[This Product Has Not Been Reviewed Yet]
COTU Live Shopping Category Banner

4. Uscreen

Uscreen is a video monetization and distribution platform that allows creators and businesses to host live streaming events, create membership sites, and develop branded apps for TV and mobile. It’s a one-stop shop for someone looking to create and scale a shoppable live shopping business. 

Standout Feature: Customer data owned by creators. 

Pricing: $79-$159, Custom plans available

Trial Duration: 14 days

Uscreen video monetization and distribution platform
“I appreciated the simplicity of uploading videos and the resources built inside the site to help me set up. In addition, I felt integrating with my email server was a great way to turn leads into customers. I was not a fan of the user dashboard sense it was a bit confusing at times.” — Cornelius J.

5. Bambuser

Bambuser is a live video shopping SaaS provider that works with brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Samsung. Users can cast directly to YouTube and Facebook and add products to their cart without leaving the live stream.

Standout Feature: Integrates with many ecommerce platforms.

Pricing: N/A

Trial Duration: 14 days

Bambuser Live Video Shopping Platform
“It gives a very good reception of live streaming video and ready-to-go product with low latency as well. However, there are fewer chances of getting a recorded video and it’s hard to figure out the tools as well. You need to learn more about this.” — Verified user.

6. Livescale

Livescale makes live-stream shopping possible for retailers and brands to help them engage their customers through interactive content. It gamifies the experience to trigger impulse buying and is popular among brands like Vans and Roberto Cavalli. 

Standout Feature: Collects leads through live video for remarketing.

Pricing: $100 – $700

Trial Duration: Depends on the subscription plan

Livescale Live-stream shopping platform
“Fast to set up, easy to use, great support. Some tweaks are still needed to optimize the shopping experience and the moderator experience – but overall I highly recommend it.” — Knix.

7. Spin 

Spin is a shopping-only social network that promotes purchasing through interactive live streams. It focuses on product discovery and offers a seamless video experience by integrating merchandising, checkout, payment, and community. Retailers can host live streams or partner with influencers to stream to their followers.

Standout Feature: Lengthy trial period.

Pricing: Variable commission 

Trial Duration: 90 days

Spin Livestream Shopping Platform
“So far as an influencer on the platform, it’s been pretty solid communication when it comes to team efforts. The pay is minimal, but consistently great products to choose from. It’s an easy platform that’s still in growth mode.” — Mandyjane Jenkins.

8. Verishop

Verishop allows consumers to discover independent brands and creators to help them shop thoughtfully for what they want. The platform promotes responsible brands and clean beauty products. It offers a customized app experience that connects users with brands and creators to make shopping joyful. 

Standout Feature: iOS app, Shop Party, allows users to browse and shop together while video chatting.

Pricing: Commissions per sale

Trial Duration: Free

“I’m so glad I found this site and shop it weekly to discover new brands. Now I look stylish but don’t look like everyone else! Love it, keep doing what you’re doing Verishop.” — Michelle S.


This video shopping app has played a crucial role in making live stream ecommerce popular. It allows creators to interact with viewers and sell products in real-time. It blends ecommerce with entertainment, allowing viewers to watch and chat with other viewers and hosts in real time while they shop.

Standout Feature: Lottery-style system where customers can win a chance to buy highly sought-after items or products.

Pricing: N/A

Trial Duration: N/A

NTWRK Video Shopping App
“Think of NTWRK like a StockX or eBay where your order just isn’t guaranteed and you’ll be much happier. You just have to be on top of order tracking and hound customer service. I’ve had multiple instances of missing orders” — Lauren.

10. PopShop Live

PopShop Live lets users watch live shows from their favorite sellers, chat with hosts and shoppers, and buy unique products from the app. New shows are added daily, and users can follow or add shows to a watchlist and get notifications when they go live.

Standout Feature: Shows can be scheduled in advance.

Pricing: Free to join, small service and order processing fee.

Trial Duration: Lifetime

PopShop Live Shopping Platform
“I think it’s truly an innovative way to interact with shoppers and buyers. However, if you’re simply a buyer, I don’t think it’s worth it at times, unless the seller does not have another shop (ex: website, or Etsy).” — Yogadog420.

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11. Smartzer

Smartzer allows you to make live streams and videos shoppable and interactive. You can share these videos on ecommerce websites, on social, and through emails. It’s fully responsive with geo-targeting to make it compatible with multiple devices, languages, and currencies. 

Standout Feature: Video can be on-demand or real-time.

Pricing: Various Subscriptions Options

Trial Duration: 7 days

Smartzer Shoppable Video Platform
[This Product Has Not Been Reviewed Yet]

12. BuyWith

BuyWith allows companies to host virtual shopping events to drive direct sales, providing a unique shopping experience. Users simply need to download the app and start creating. They can also access a community of exclusive live-stream shopping hosts.

Standout Feature: Option to add a sales representative to videos for customer queries.

Pricing: Custom

Trial Duration: N/A

BuyWith Livestream Shopping Platform
[This Product Has Not Been Reviewed Yet]
COTU Virtual Selling Category Banner

13. Whisbi

Whisbi provides a conversation sales platform that allows brands to engage their customers through interactive video broadcasts. For example, you can embed a CTA button on your website to initiate a real-time video conversation between the user and the sales rep. 

Standout Feature: Uses an AI algorithm to measure lead conversion probability.

Pricing: Custom

Trial Duration: N/A

Whisbi Conversation Sales Platform
Video chat experience is expertly developed and the entire team is fantastic to work with. Powerful API to customize cosmetics. However, their focus is on a one size fits all, out of the box product versus ability to customize product functionality.” — Verified User. 
COTU Social Shopping Category Banner

14. Yeay

Yeay is a social shopping app where people can make and upload videos to sell products, most of which are fashion and lifestyle goods. Content recommendations are carefully chosen using blockchain technology, and Yeay members check them for quality. 

Standout Features: People get product recommendations from a trustworthy community.

Pricing: $50 per month for Shopify

Trial Duration: 7 days

Yeay Social Shopping App
“Good concept for an app and functions well, but it is quite buggy and laggy and sometimes it will glitch and have a white screen for 5 minutes and not fix itself.” — Ethan Snee.

15. Supergreat

Supergreat has created a community of beauty fans who use the app to review products and share their routines. Users can watch demos and tutorials, save products, and buy them through exclusive sales. They can also get their hands on product drops from skincare and beauty brands. According to a survey, people interested in drops make up almost half (45%) of the consumers

Standout Feature: More than one million reviews are available for 250,000 products. 

Pricing: Commissions per sale

Trial Duration: Free

“Okay, let me start by saying I love Supergreat. I haven’t gotten enough coins to get a product yet, but I’ve only made 4 reviews and I’m already half way there. I would’ve given it a full 5 stars if there were just a few small minor changes, specifically being a better in app video editor.” — @Iyrtilysarah

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you create a shoppable video?

Choose a platform that meets your needs and will help you achieve your goals to make your video shoppable. Create a video to feature the products you’re selling. Include clickable hotspots or product strips, allowing viewers to add items to their carts quickly.

Q: What are the best practices for making a shoppable video?

If you’re making a shoppable video, make sure viewers know they can shop directly from the video right from the start. Moreover, be creative to hook visitors right at the beginning. Following are some more best practices.

  • Include shoppable links at the very beginning.
  • Showcase just a few items per video. 
  • Show items in full frame.
  • Let shots run for around three seconds.

Q. Which type of analytics data can shoppable video creators receive?

Creators can expect to collect data about click rate, engagement rate, views, impressions, click timeline, click heatmap, and product popularity.

Q. Are shoppable videos generally visible on all devices?

Many shoppable videos are accessible on mobile phones (iOS and Android), laptops, tablets, and desktop computers.

Q: How does live shopping work?

In live stream shopping, a host usually promotes a product with a live video, and engagement with the audience is also live. The host can be a famous person, an influencer, or a regular person. Potential customers can ask questions and make comments, and the host can address them in real-time.