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How Personalized Interactive Videos Can Engage Customers in 2023

A personalized interactive video goes one step beyond adding interactive elements for viewers to engage with. A personalized interactive video gathers unique data from viewers in non-intrusive ways and then uses that data to tailor their experiences. For example, gathering data on what types of products a person clicks on, then sending a unique email featuring similar products to them later.

This added personal touch can go a long way in boosting engagement and, ultimately, conversions.

Studies show that 76% of consumers are more likely to buy from brands that offer personalized experiences, and companies have recorded up to a 40% growth in revenue due to customized marketing.

The stats suggest that buyers want to do business with brands that make an effort to get to know them better, and who can blame them? The rise in digitization means more content than ever is being presented to consumers, hoping to get their attention. Much of this content is the typical generic sales pitch or regurgitation of common and, often, outdated information. 

Interactive videos are already known to boost engagement significantly simply by allowing viewers to participate in the experience. 

Personalizing your customers’ experience through the use of interactive videos is a great way to show your customers that you’re paying attention to their needs.

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How, Exactly, Does It Work?
How to Use Personalized Interactive Videos to Engage Customers

Benefit of Personalized Experience

How, Exactly, Does It Work? 

To create a personalized interactive video for your viewers, you’ll first need to get to know them better. You can do this by presenting the viewer with opportunities to interact with the video and using those answers to provide a customized experience for your customers. For example, you can also use the previously collected data in your videos for retargeting

How You Can Use Interactive Videos for Personalization

There are a few ways you can add a personal touch to your marketing campaigns using interactive video. The aim of personalizing your campaigns is to meet your viewers’ individual needs. Here are some ways you can do it using COTU:

  • Use Analytics Data
    You can gain valuable insights into customer behavior using COTU’s analytics feature. For example, you can track the number of conversions, clicks to expand product cards, as well as clickthroughs to landing pages, number of views, and drop offs to understand what viewers are interested in.

    You can also use this data to adjust future video campaigns to cater to the preferences of the viewer. For example, you can A/B test videos on the COTU platform to compare, for example, different voiceovers or product card placement.

    You can also use this information to tailor future communications with the customer, such as sending an email with personalized recommendations to a certain segment.
  • Collect Information at the Right Time
    Another way you can use interactive features to personalize an experience is to use cards within the video or on the end screen to direct users to a form to collect their information. From there, you can use this data to send a personalized message via email or reach out to them on social. 

Annie Hinners, an interactive video expert, explains that “COTU goes one step further with [tracking] the clicks. It gives brands the ability to understand what their customers are [really] looking for and make a better investment into future products, based on click rates and performance insights.”

In the near future, COTU will add UTM codes and tracking to the platform to collect even more valuable data. This will give you insight into where exactly your videos are used and how viewers interact with them. With this information, you can match the language, voiceover, and video context to your target audience more accurately.

COTU is also working on expanding branding options, such as customizable product cards to really represent your brand. This includes deciding the size, shape, colors, typography, fields, and more. You can perform A/B testing to see what your audience likes the best.

Finally, COTU will be adding more functionality for non-commerce brands. This will focus on sharing information, encouraging signups, and more, in addition to selling products. 

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How to Use Personalized Interactive Videos to Engage Customers

Highly engaged customers make purchases 90% more often and spend up to 60% more per transaction than newer customers. Also, 86% of truly engaged buyers will recommend your brand to others. Engaging customers requires giving them a memorable experience each time they interact with your brand. 

Personalized messaging is a great way to keep customers engaged. Here are a few ideas on how you can use personalized interactive videos to boost engagement:

  • Thank You Message
    An excellent way to engage with customers is to show your appreciation after they have purchased from your business. About 68% of companies have lost customers because the customer did not feel appreciated.   

    An interactive video is one way to thank the shoppers. Sending one via email after a purchase has been made while recommending related products is a great way to make customers feel good about their purchase.
  • Product Demonstration
    Interactive product demonstration videos are very effective at keeping customers engaged. For example, this interactive video by Dyson does a great job showing customers how their product works, producing up to 5X longer engagement duration.

    For personalization purposes, a similar video could be sent to customers via email after they’ve purchased a product. A thank you note could be included in the video before diving into the demo.
Product Demonstration Interactive Video
  • Giveaways and Rewards
    Special discounts, gift cards, personalized gifts, free samples, and free shipping are just a few ways to delight your customers. Did you know that around 93% of shoppers in the U.S. use discount codes throughout the year? Customers love a good deal.

    A special deal is a great way to re-engage past customers or connect with new visitors. Based on what viewers have clicked on before, you could send them a special deal on a certain item or group of items. 
  • Behind the Scenes
    Do you want your customers to trust you? Show them you’re human. Day In The Life videos are trendy right now, as influencers and other creators recognize their followers’ desire to know and connect with them truly.

    Using behind-the-scenes videos is an excellent way to give your customers a peek into your company’s operations, culture, and more. For example, Lancaster University uses an interactive video to guide new students through the onboarding process, giving them insight into what they can expect. Product cards can expand with more information based on a student’s situation.
Onboarding Interactive Video

Although interactive video marketing has been gaining popularity recently, there’s not much emphasis on using data to personalize the experience. Combined with the fact that more consumers are looking to connect with brands that offer thoughtful, personalized experiences, this presents a significant opportunity for video marketers to really stand out.

COTU’s robust data collection functionality makes personalizing your marketing campaigns simple. If you want to see COTU in action, request a demo today and see how COTU can help you engage more customers.