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Interactive Videos: Use Them to Increase Engagement and Sales

An interactive video allows the viewer to engage directly with its contents instead of simply being able to click play or pause. For example, in an interactive shoppable video, viewers can click on the product cards to learn more about the product or to buy it right within the video.

In this way, interactive videos shorten the buyer’s journey and boost sales. In a recent survey, 78% of business professionals reported that these videos yielded better online sales than standard videos.

So what makes interactive videos so effective?

One reason they are so good at driving sales is that they simplify the buyer journey significantly. Shoppers can watch a video about a product they like and easily go to the product page from the video.

Interactive videos also give buyers more control over their viewing experience since they get to choose to explore the parts that most excite them. This freedom to interact with the video provides invaluable organic insights that you can use to really tailor your retargeting efforts.

Finally, interactive videos are entertaining. Some companies go all out and create entire mini-movies with their products included, while others keep it simple with exciting quizzes and funny animations. Give your audience a good experience, and they will keep coming back for more.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of interactive videos, look at some of the best software available to make these videos, and share some impressive examples from different brands.

Table of Contents
The Best Software for Interactive Video
Interactive Video vs. Regular Video
Benefits of Using Interactive Video
How to Make an Interactive Video in 6 Simple Steps
Interactive Video Example

Interactive Video Statistics

Choosing a Software for Interactive Video

Many good interactive video software choices are available today, but the best one for you depends entirely on your business goals. For example, if you’re hoping to boost e-commerce sales, you’ll need a video platform with robust shoppable features.

In this case, the goal would be to make the shopping experience as smooth as possible for viewers. COTU is an excellent example of software with convenient shoppable features, including:

  • Expandable Product Cards 
    Viewers can expand cards to view more product details and, if they are interested in the product, click the CTA button to go to the product page directly from the video. Consumers enjoy these shoppable product cards because it puts them in control of their shoppable viewing experience.
  • End Screen Carousels
    At the end of the video, a screen displays all the products featured throughout the video, giving the viewer another opportunity to click through.
  • Product Groups
    This functionality allows you to group products and present them as a set to consumers. For example, you can group outfits and present them as a recommended set, group various pieces of camping gear as a set, or even group multiple items shown in a video under a campaign name. This enables consumers to easily further explore and purchase accompanying or complimentary items. 

Learn more about COTU’s features or read our in-depth comparison of the best software for interactive video.

Interactive Video vs. Regular Video

With regular videos, viewers can watch, play, pause, rewind or stop the video, but they cannot engage with the actual video content in any way.

On the other hand, an interactive video allows viewers to interact directly with its contents. For example, in a product video, viewers can click on product cards within the video for more details or to perform other actions.

Here are a few features that can be used to make a video interactive with COTU:

  • Product cards are clickable cards that show product details and allow users to buy or learn more. These can be used alone, in sets with other cards, or at the end of the video as a carousel. 
  • Advanced analytics allows you to collect specific viewer data for more tailored experiences in the future.
Interactive Videos Increases Conversions

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The Benefits of Using Interactive Video

Aside from being downright fun for the viewer, interactive videos can be really beneficial to your business regarding sales. Here are some of the main benefits of using interactive videos in your marketing strategy:

Higher Conversion Rates

Studies show that businesses that use interactive videos see up to a 30% increase in conversions. For example, Ted Baker sold £70,000 worth of products through their interactive video within one week of posting.

In these interactive commerce videos, you can place CTAs strategically throughout the video, creating more opportunities for the viewer to click through. Also, the video allows viewers to see your products in action, which can inspire them to make purchases more effectively than a picture.

“Shoppable video increases conversion rates significantly because you’re giving the viewers more opportunity to engage with the product,” shares Annie Hinners, a video marketing expert. 

A Simpler Customer Journey

Interactive videos also create a smoother customer journey for shoppers by allowing them to go directly to product pages from the video. This reduces friction in the buyer’s journey and makes viewers more likely to convert.

One study shows that brands offering the most straightforward experiences for customers also noticed better stock performance and increased customer loyalty.

Hinners explains, “Currently, when consumers are watching a video, they have to Google and go to your website and figure out the products they would like to purchase. It’s a pain point for them.”

Interactive shoppable videos remove this step, making the buyer’s journey simple and quick for the consumer.

Better Customer Experience

Many businesses are taking the shoppertainment route with their interactive videos, creating entertaining or thought-provoking videos with shoppable features. A thoughtfully created video will leave a memorable impression in viewers’ minds. So whenever it’s time to buy again, your brand will likely be top of mind.

Also, the desire for shoppertainment among consumers is on the rise. About 70% of buyers express interest in some form of shoppertainment. 

Interactive Video Improves Customer Experience


Buyers are leaning more and more toward businesses that offer more personalized experiences. In fact, research shows that 76% of consumers are more likely to buy from companies that provide customized experiences, and businesses see up to 40% increase in revenue due to personalized marketing.

Furthermore, interactive videos can generate valuable insights into customer behavior. For example, with COTU, you can measure clicks on product cards, CTAs, and other standard metrics to understand what viewers are really looking for. You can then use this data to adjust current campaigns accordingly or tailor future communication with customers, offering them an even better experience through more personalized interactive videos.

Higher Engagement

Interactive videos give viewers a more immersive experience than regular product videos. It grabs their attention and encourages them to take part. Research reveals that interactive content sees 52.6% more engagement than traditional content. 

With customers spending more time watching and engaging with your content, their chances of converting also increase. Another piece of research found that 73% of people who watch a product-related video will eventually purchase the product.

According to Hinners, “[Shoppable videos] increase conversion rates significantly, because you’re giving the viewers more opportunity to engage with the product.”

Interactive Video Increases Engagement

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How to Make an Interactive Video in 6 Simple Steps

Now that you know how interactive videos can help you increase sales, your next step is to start creating your own. Here are the steps to do just that:

Step 1: Choose the Goal of Your Interactive Video

What, exactly, do you want to accomplish with your interactive video? Since interactive videos can serve various purposes, deciding on your business goal from the start is good. Here are some examples of how you can use your video:

  • Sales
    Shoppable videos and live shopping are two ways you can use interactive videos to boost sales. These allow viewers to click on products directly within the video to go directly to the product pages or any webpage of your choice. Research shows that 41% of shoppers add products to their carts after watching a shoppable video.
  • Product Description
    Product descriptions or explainer videos are 1-2 minute videos showing how a product or service works, including calling out features. About 96% of people have watched one of these videos to learn about a product or service, making them excellent business assets. 
  • Education/Awareness
    Videos centered around education/awareness can be created using expandable cards to define difficult terms, explain a process or link to supplementary educational pieces or reference articles.
  • Entertainment
    Interactive videos with entertainment value can help keep customers engaged. Add clickable cards to a video that has an exciting or emotional storyline with prompts to a CTA when more information is needed.

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Step 2: Choose What Functionality You Want Your Video to Have

After determining your interactive video’s goals, it’s time to choose the functionality you want your video to have. Different interactive video platforms offer different functionality, so it’s essential to understand what you want before selecting a platform.

Here are some examples of the functionality you can consider:

  • Clickable elements
  • Product groups
  • An end screen
  • Branding and customization

Step 3: Source Video Content

Your next step is to source the footage for your interactive video. You can use an existing video or make a new one from scratch. Here are some things to consider when producing an interactive video:

  • Hold Shots a Little Longer
    Give each shot at least 3 seconds of screen time to give viewers enough time to engage with interactive screens properly. This will ensure they have enough time to read text or observe products before clicking.
  • Avoid Overcrowding 
    Keep each shot as clean and clutter-free as possible. Try to limit the number of clickable elements on the screen at once. Showing tons of content simultaneously could be overwhelming for users.
  • Choose Interactive Elements That Complement Your Storyline
    To provide the best experience for the viewer, you can mix and match interactive elements to create a seamless and enhanced experience. For example, for videos actively featuring products, use of clickable product cards within the video can appeal to viewers as a way to easily see more information about the products being shown.

    On the other hand, for videos that are more focused on stories, viewers may not want to be distracted or feel sold to while watching the video; in this case, using an end screen to feature products would allow for an impactful viewing–yet still shoppable–experience. 

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Step 4: Add Interactive Overlays With COTU

Now that your video content is ready, it’s time to make it interactive. You can do this in a few easy steps on the COTU platform. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Upload Your Video
    First, you’ll need to upload your video to the COTU platform to create your interactive video campaign. Once it’s there, you can start adding interactive elements.
  1. Upload Your Products
    Next, you’ll need to upload the products or clickable graphics you want to highlight in your video. With COTU, you can add products manually or import them from your Shopify store if you have one.
  1. Add Products to Video
    Now it’s time to add your products to your video. Simply drag product overlays along the video timeline to place them in your video’s desired position.
  1. Preview and Publish
    Once you’ve added the products to your video, it’s time to preview the final product, get stakeholders’ approval, and publish the video. For preview purposes, COTU provides a unique link you can share with stakeholders before posting the video.

Step 5: Distribute Your Content

Your interactive video is all done, and now it’s time to share it with your audience! COTU offers three ways to spread the word about your video: a sharable link, an embed code, and a QR code. This enables you to share your videos almost anywhere where you can embed a piece of code, including on websites, in email marketing, and more.

Step 6: Track Your Success

Once you’ve published your interactive video, it’s time to track its performance. COTU interactive videos provide incredible insight into customer behavior, which you can use to retarget your audience more effectively.

Engagement, clickthroughs, and campaign performance are a few things you can monitor using the platform. These let you know how many people interact with your product cards or click your CTAs. They also allow you to A/B test different campaigns.

Learn more about how to make an interactive video and the different things you can track.

Interactive Video Example

In this shoppable video from COTU, we follow the story of a young man practicing soccer. The user can click on product cards throughout, which automatically pauses the video. The card expands to offer products similar to the ones being shown on the screen, taking the user to the product page. At the end, all of the products are featured on the end screen.

In the video above, COTU educates viewers about the featured products with strategically placed CTAs to encourage purchases.

For more inspiration, we’ve collected 100 best interactive video examples. We’ve also analyzed them to identify what they do best, so you can emulate their success. 
Ready to start using interactive videos to drive sales? Now you know all about interactive videos and how to use them to increase sales and engage your audience. So, sign up for a demo with COTU today.