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100 of the Best Examples of Interactive Videos You Haven’t Seen Yet

Interactive videos are an innovative way for brands to create engaging content for marketing campaigns or promotional material. 

About 66 percent of consumers prefer to watch a video about a product rather than read text. In addition, videos incorporating interactive options have 3x longer viewing time, 2x the number of conversions, and 14x the number of clickthroughs to purchase compared to videos without interactive elements. 

Interactive videos allow viewers to control the playback, choose different paths, and make buying decisions straight from a shoppable video. The possibilities are endless with interactive video technology — you can prompt your audience, showcase products, provide virtual tours, optimize employee processes, and much more.

It can be so overwhelming one might not know where to start. To get your engines rolling, here are 100 examples of amazing interactive videos to help inspire your next campaign or video project.

Types of Interactive Videos [Jump Links]
Shoppable Videos
Shoppable Livestreams
Social Media Content
Virtual Tours
Branching Videos
Gamified Experience
Interactive Livestream
Parallel Experience
360 Degree Videos
Personalized Videos

Shoppable Videos

Shoppable videos allow you to showcase your product information while prompting viewers to shop immediately with a call to action. This type of video can take many forms, from product showcases to descriptive videos to inspirational themes. Here are a few ways you can use shoppable videos for your business. 

1. ChopValue

In this video, ChopValue educates viewers on their story, people, mission, and sustainable products. Multiple links are included throughout the video to redirect viewers to different areas of their website.

How It Inspires: Allow viewers to get to know the products and the people behind them.
Purpose of the Video: Building relationships with their customers

2. Hyundai

Compelling, energetic, informative, and sporty — this video aims to inform viewers about the product details of Hyundai’s 2020 Elantra. Viewers can click different elements to learn more about a particular vehicle feature.

How It Inspires: The interactivity allows the viewer to explore product features at their leisure.
Purpose of the Video: Product description

3. Wallpaper*

Boasting up to a 5x longer engagement time, 32% more memorable than traditional video, and 9x more interactive — this video from Wallpaper* allows viewers to experience Miami’s architectural vibes and get all the travel information they need at the same time. Throughout the video, viewers are presented with options to explore, including hotels, restaurants, attractions, and more. 

How It Inspires: A creative display of information allows users to get all the information required for a trip.
Purpose of the Video: Travel inspiration

4. SAP

SAP’s interactive video is an excellent example of storytelling, marketing, and customer experience — without the hard sell. This video enjoyed a 50% interaction rate and 3.1 interactions per viewer. 

How It Inspires: Aspirational videos help companies avoid the hard sell and entice their audience naturally.
Purpose of the Video: Customer experience

5. Stan & Ollie

This entertaining video acts as a movie trailer for Stan & Ollie and a press kit, all in one. Viewers can click the hotspots to get behind the scenes and view additional content about the film. This type of video is 30% more memorable than traditional video.

How It Inspires: Exciting videos announce motion pictures in a unique and engaging way.
Purpose of the Video: Press kit

6. Bronco

Here, National Geographic and Jimmy Chin team up to show viewers an inside look at the new Ford Bronco. It’s a great way to soft sell a product while subtly highlighting product features and other highlights. 

How It Inspires: Stories and influencers can help companies sell to their audience in an understated way.
Purpose of the Video: Product description

7. Rituals

Rituals turned their e-commerce products into a shoppable experience that weaves brand awareness with storytelling into an engaging shoppable video. The video enjoyed a 9x greater interaction rate and up to 5x longer engagement.

How It Inspires: Tell a great story not only to sell products but to show brand value as well.
Purpose of the Video: Shopping

8. Allerhande

Online cooking and recipe platform Allerhande has created over 2000 interactive videos to provide thousands of viewers with inspiration for their next meal. The interactivity in the video gives viewers the option to add groceries to their shopping cart and learn how to cook the meals step-by-step.

How It Inspires: Teach your audience something while enticing them to buy items.
Purpose of the Video: Recipes and shopping

9. Karwei

Dutch hardware chain Karwei has produced over 40 interactive videos in less than a year and garners over 20,000 views monthly. They provide instructional, how-to videos for common DIY projects, with clickable buttons for those who may require additional help or information.

How It Inspires: Infotainment can inspire the audience to use their skills to incorporate a company’s products into their lives. 
Purpose of the Video: Tutorial

10. Kate Spade

Fun, chic, and sleek, Kate Spade’s marketing campaign makes it easy for the viewer to click on a product link, increasing the chances of viewers making a purchase.

How It Inspires: We love how the product list and hotspots don’t interrupt the video.
Purpose of the Video: Shopping

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11. Land Rover

Viewers can get a near real-life experience of Land Rover’s new Range Rover without having to visit the dealership and see it in person. Additionally, viewers can use the interactive buttons to view specific features more in-depth.

How It Inspires: Viewers can enjoy a near-real-life experience of the product they’re shopping for.
Purpose of the Video: Product description

Interactive Quizzes

Interactive video quizzes present viewers with multiple-choice questions at any point in the video. These videos are especially effective in engaging and educating your audience on a specific topic. You can also use them to provide viewers with individualized product recommendations and experiences.

12. Lifesaver

Lifesaver’s interactive and instructional video prompts viewers with different actions to take if someone is suffering from cardiac arrest. In addition, the interactive quiz helps viewers learn the essential skills needed in stressful scenarios.

How It Inspires: Teaching viewers what to do, step by step, in a quiz format helps them retain information.
Purpose of the Video: Educational

13. British Council

The interactive quiz portion of this video from the British Council uses animated scenarios to help teachers boost creativity among students, making it easier for them to identify accurate learning methods. 

How It Inspires: Viewers can use quizzes to learn how to spot fake information.
Purpose of the Video: Myth busting

14. TomTom Telematics

This interactive experience from TomTom takes the viewer on a day in the life of a fleet driver. Viewers can use the clickable buttons at any point to view the driver’s schedule, processes, and challenges.

How It Inspires: Give viewers a view into the life of an ideal customer to build trust with them.
Purpose of the Video: Brand and trust building

15. Red Cross

This course, created by the Red Cross, lets viewers walk through different scenarios, teaching essential lifesaving skills to handle each situation.

How It Inspires: The interactive video offers viewers skill development with a free online course.
Purpose of the Video: Learn life skills

16. Goviideo Kids

This video example from Goviideo is an excellent way to make learning more interactive and appealing to kids. The colorful visuals and live instructor give younger viewers an active educational experience.

How It Inspires: Interactive videos can be used to appeal to and entertain kids. 
Purpose of the Video: Education/e-learning

17. Tracy Carroll Xmas Party Dress Code Quiz

This animated interactive quiz created by Tracy Carroll teaches attendees of a company holiday party about the dress code of the event in a fun and engaging way.

How It Inspires: Turn something uncomfortable into something fun with an interactive video!
Purpose of the Video: Company communications

18. Elearning Designer

This quiz from Elearning Designer introduces a panel of experts. When each expert is clicked on, some information about the expert and a unique video pops up.

How It Inspires: Interactive elements can introduce important people in a unique and interactive way.
Purpose of the Video: E-learning

19. E-Learning Heroes

In this video by David Anderson of E-Learning Heroes, the viewer gets to play the game “two truths and a lie” with a cute little girl. The little girl will say a statement when the viewers click each button. The viewer can choose whether it’s a lie or not, prompting a response from the little girl to let them know whether they’re right or not. 

How It Inspires: Video allows the user to reach a level of interactivity that’s highly personal.
Purpose of the Video: Games

20. TechnoLife

The sole purpose of this video created by Noura Sa’d is to improve the users’ geographical knowledge. When the animation stops at a particular spot on the globe, a pop-up multiple-choice appears, allowing the viewers to select the correct region. They can resume the game from where they left off, even days or weeks later.

How It Inspires: An interactive quiz is a great way to encourage information retention.
Purpose of the Video: E-learning

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21. Buzzfeed Healthy Quiz

This interactive Buzzfeed quiz helps viewers learn the healthy nutrients in different food items. After they make a guess, they can automatically see the correct answer and details after a few seconds. At the end of the quiz, they get to see their scores and retry to improve the results.

How It Inspires: Quizzes can help reinforce information and enhance the likelihood of learning.
Purpose of the Video: Education

Shoppable Livestreams

A shoppable livestream is a video in which the host interacts with an audience in real-time and engages with viewers for promotional purposes. The viewers can purchase the platform it’s hosted on, usually on social media or an e-commerce platform.

22. JCPenney

This piece of content from JCPenney leverages influencer marketing to influence the viewer’s buying decisions through storytelling. Viewers can click at different points in the video to instantly bring them to the product page, increasing the likelihood of making an emotional purchase.

How It Inspires: Honest opinions on products can influence buyers in a non-salesy way.
Purpose of the Video: Influencer marketing

23. Quivr

Beverage brand Quivr leverages the reach of Amazon’s platform to create a simple marketing video that introduces its brand and links to its products. This video proves that sometimes live informal marketing can be very effective.

How It Inspires: A clean interface allows users to buy without distractions.
Purpose of the Video: Shopping 

24. Nordstrom

This live video from Nordstrom accomplishes three things: informing the viewer about the products, showing them how they can use these products over the holidays, and making it easy to buy the products using the “add to bag” button.

How It Inspires: Including a storytelling aspect helps the company bond with viewers.
Purpose of the Video: Shopping

25. Talkshop Live

Talkshop’s video walks viewers through a makeup tutorial to show the viewers how products can be used together or separately. The clean interface makes it easy to see the product line’s pricing and add them to the cart at any point in the video.

How It Inspires: Viewers can easily see the product line and pricing, making shopping easy.
Purpose of the Video: Shopping

26. Buttonscarves

Buttonscarves does a live shopping segment weekly to promote their latest product launch. These live videos create a highly engaging shopping experience between brand and consumer — almost as though they’re shopping in person.

How It Inspires: The video is highly engaging due to the two-way conversation.
Purpose of the Video: Shopping

27. Rachel Lynn 

Small US jewelry brand Rachel Lynn achieved a 56% ROI in one week by going live to promote their newest collection. The campaign resulted in an impressive $309 average order value!

How It Inspires: Shoppable video allows smaller brands to reach wider audiences.
Purpose of the Video: Shopping

28. Bloomingdale’s

Bloomingdale’s offers a unique shoppable experience. They offer an area where viewers can learn about the products, ask questions, and make a purchase–all within the same livestream.

How It Inspires: Creating a unique experience can differentiate a brand from other online brand experiences.
Purpose of the Video: Shopping

29. NYX Cosmetics

This video from NYX Cosmetics uses an episode-based approach to walk viewers through makeup tips and tricks. Interactive polls prompt viewers to share which products are their favorites and shop for them by clicking a call-to-action.

How It Inspires: Use episode-based, creative, and value-add information to build trust.
Purpose of the Video: Product showcase

30. Ben Baller x James Oro

Ben Baller teamed up with James Oro to do a live try-on of some new shades. Interested fans could then interact with him, ask questions about the glasses, and determine if they also wanted a pair.

How It Inspires: Collaborate with influencers to get fans involved and interested.
Purpose of the Video: Product showcase

Social Media Interactive Content

Brands typically share interactive videos on social media to increase engagement and brand awareness. The interactive social media content is usually in the form of stories and may involve live shopping. 

31. Pacco Rabanne

Simple, short, and funky, this video from Pacco Rabanne achieved a 19% increase in add-to-cart conversion by making it easy for customers to buy products with a single swipe.

How It Inspires: The video is funky and engaging, making it easy to buy products with a single swipe.
Purpose of the Video: Shopping

32. KitKat

This creative shoppable video from KitKat walks viewers through a tour of the KitKat store. Viewers can explore the KitKat collection and even buy their favorite KitKat by hashtagging it in the comment and getting a direct buy link. The company also ran some event-only offers that helped KitKat engage more users and generate good sales. 

How It Inspires: Viewers can become more intimate with the brand via a behind-the-scenes experience.
Purpose of the Video: Live shopping video

33. Missoni

Fashion brand Missoni showcased its latest collection while making it easy for viewers to discover additional products with direct shopping. The approach resulted in a 38% engagement rate and a 15% click-through rate.

How It Inspires: Allow the user to discover additional products alongside the main product.
Purpose of the Video: Shopping

34. Volkswagen

This interactive marketing campaign from Volkswagen allowed viewers to easily learn more about vehicle features and even book a test drive. Using Instagram Stories and In-Feed ads, the campaign yielded an impressive 62% engagement rate. 

How It Inspires: A detailed feature list entices the user to make a purchase.
Purpose of the Video: Schedule a test drive

35. Disneyland Paris

This fun, compelling video allows viewers to test their knowledge and learn more about Disneyland Paris through a live trivia quiz.

How It Inspires: The quiz format keeps people entertained while they learn.
Purpose of the Video: Encourage visits

36. Doritos

Using a combination of interactive games and reward-based ads, Doritos looks to build higher levels of engagement and loyalty from its customer base. They used Snapchat to gamify the experience further.

How It Inspires: Companies can build customer loyalty through reward-based ads.
Purpose of the Video: Brand awareness

37. MasterClass

This quick introduction video gives an overview of how people can learn to cook different types of cuisines directly from a professional chef through a MasterClass livestream. Viewers can learn from the very basic cooking techniques to build a foundation and may end up cooking like a pro.

How It Inspires: Companies can give people a taste of what their service or product is like via video.
Purpose of the Video: Subscription signups

38. Kiehl’s Malaysia

The skincare brand Kiehl’s ran an Instagram live campaign during Ramadan, featuring influencers in beauty, food, and family. It helped viewers discover limited edition products, interact via live chat with a skincare expert, and then purchase products at the end. The result? An 8X return on ad spend.

How It Inspires: Use interactive social campaigns to promote limited edition products, tips, and skin consultations.
Purpose of the Video: Product features

Virtual Interactive Tours

A virtual video tour can take the user on a first-person adventure through any space. Typically these are used for real estate, tourism, or shoppertainment purposes. Viewers can take charge of the direction of the tour, such as which room or place in the video they wish to visit first.

39. Metalworks

This virtual tour of the Metalworks offices from Piero Annoni allows users to explore the area in a virtual reality environment. It provides an engaging way to showcase the different architectural areas and see products in action. With interactive tours like this, brands can enjoy higher conversion rates, greater engagement, and better customer experience.

How It Inspires: Show products in action by using them as props in a virtual tour of your offices.
Purpose of the Video: Product display

40. Farfetch

This virtual tour allows viewers to explore Farfetch’s virtual showroom from the comfort of their living room. They can find fashion products they’re interested in and learn more about them. The products can be purchased right from the video to maximize sales potential.

How It Inspires: Virtual videos allow viewers to explore products without leaving their homes.
Purpose of the Video: Virtual tour

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41. Bottega Verde

This interactive tour through a Bottega Verde store allows the viewers to click on different hotspots throughout the experience to learn more about different products or setups or launch informational videos.

How It Inspires: Multiple hotspots allow the user to learn more about products within the experience.
Purpose of the Video: Tour + shopping

42. Residenza Corte Fiorita

This interactive tour of the Residenza Corte Fiorita apartments allows users to understand better what it would be like to actually live there. This is especially helpful for those who may be renting from out of town!

How It Inspires: Allow users to go beyond the imagination with interactive.
Purpose of the Video: Virtual tour

43. Topview

This tour of a Topview virtual showroom allows people to explore an entire showroom while also clicking on products to learn more about them.

How It Inspires: Allows the viewer to explore as they would in person.
Purpose of the Video: Virtual shopping

44. Petite Galerie

This virtual tour allows users to interact with the paintings and artifacts in the Petite Galerie in the Louvre to learn more about them. They can also click on the microscope to zoom in on an item or click on the question mark to get more information. 

How It Inspires: Viewers can learn everything about an exhibit without attending in person.
Purpose of the Video: Virtual tour

45. Tmall

With 3D technology, Chinese giant Tmall is taking e-commerce to a new level. This video shows off Tmall’s new 3D shopping feature, which allows consumers to interact with the products directly and learn more about them before making their decision. This feature helped Tmall drive more sales to the brands during the COVID-19 crisis.

How It Inspires: A dual view mode gives the user a choice of how to view the video.
Purpose of the Video: Shopping tour

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46. Ralph Lauren

This virtual experience allows customers to explore the Ralph Lauren collections, learn more about them, and buy them directly from their virtual store through an easy shopping experience. This virtual store helped them reach more customers during COVID when people couldn’t visit the shops in person.

How It Inspires: Interactive tours make it as easy as possible for the viewer to make a purchase.
Purpose of the Video: Shopping tour

47. Superglamourous

This interactive video gives an intimate view of a Superglamorous showroom allowing the user to click on products, learn more about them, and even purchase them.

How It Inspires: Allow users to explore any shelf, making them feel like they’re in the room.
Purpose of the Video: Shopping tour

48. Fort Edmonton Park

This horror video from Fort Edmond Park uses an episode-based approach to walk viewers through different stages and decisions. It’s just like a horror movie where they’ll stumble upon moments where they have to decide what to do next. It keeps viewers engaged in learning more about the story and choosing their own adventure.

How It Inspires: Use unique stories to entice users to visit an attraction or location.
Purpose of the Video: Park tour + Drive foot traffic

Branching Interactive Videos

Branching videos allow the viewers to choose their viewing path due to a series of questions or options within the videos. The interactive video gives the viewers various options. Based on what the viewer selects, the video jumps to the relevant point in the video. In this way, the branching video allows the viewers to choose their own experiences. 

49. Allianz

This interactive onboarding tour by Allianz Group takes the employee through an office tour and lets them gain information about the company, staff, workspace, and duties. At the end of every episode, viewers get the option to choose what they want to learn next about the company.

How It Inspires: A behind-the-scenes view lets the viewer know more about the company and build trust.
Purpose of the Video: Onboarding

50. Chelsea Football Club

This interactive video series from Chelsea Football Club allows fans to get answers to some of the hottest questions from their favorite footballers. At the end of every answer video, viewers have the option to choose the next question. This personalized interactive video series gives fans more control and keeps them engaged.

How It Inspires: Bond with fans or customers by highlighting players or staff.
Purpose of the Video: Build brand awareness

51. Aardman Studios

This interactive video by Aardman Studios takes viewers through an interesting story where they can help the zombie (Fred) find his true love (Barbara). At every stage of the story, viewers will have the option to make choices to influence what happens next. This video increased engagement as viewers were emotionally invested in the story.

How It Inspires: Keep viewers interested by getting them emotionally invested in the story.
Purpose of the Video: Entertainment

52. P&G

This branching interactive video by Ariel, owned by P&G, takes viewers through a personalized journey where they can make choices and see how Ariel is better than other detergent powders for their laundry. This video ad became one of the most engaging ads in history, bringing in over a 50% engagement rate and outperforming all CTR benchmarks.

How It Inspires: Allow viewers to see the product in action and the results they will get. 
Purpose of the Video: Product showcase

53. Payment Shield

This interactive video by The Payment Shield allows viewers to walk through important information about Guaranteed Issues (GI), including what it is and how it affects customers. They can choose the information they want to know at different points throughout the video, making it a helpful tool for insurance advisors who want to learn more about GI.

How It Inspires: Teach viewers about hard-to-digest information through appealing graphics. 
Purpose of the Video: Product description

54. FinFit

This explainer video walks people through how FinFit can help improve the financial wellness of employees and productivity for employers. It allows viewers to choose their organization type to learn how FinFit can help them streamline their revenue management.

How It Inspires: Make videos easy to navigate and educational to increase engagement.
Purpose of the Video: Explainer

55. Crate and Barrel

This wedding registry interactive video from Crate and Barrel added shoppable hotspots to allow users to click and buy products featured in the video. The video walks viewers through some personalized choices that improve the chances of conversion. 

How It Inspires: Add shoppable hotspots to improve sales and make purchasing easy.
Purpose of the Video: Showcase functionality 

56. RVO

This instructional interactive video from RVO is made for project managers that helps them to locate all of the vital information they need from the documents like decision letters. These interactive videos help RVO educate their workers to streamline the onboarding process with minimal effort and increase productivity.

How It Inspires: Interactive videos can be used to easily educate new employees.
Purpose of the Video: Onboarding

57. Getafe CF

This shoppable video shows the Getafe CF interactive store where people can explore football merchandise, equipment, tickets, and more right from the comfort of their homes without visiting the store. People can explore products and buy them directly from the video itself. Using this approach, Getafe CF provides an easy shopping experience to their buyers that increases engagement as well as conversions.

How It Inspires: Allows sports club members and fans to view and buy merch and other products easily.
Purpose of the Video: Product showcase and shopping

58. Elevana 

This interactive home demonstration video by Elevana can serve as an excellent training program for real estate agents. However, it can also give their customers the complete details they need about their new home. Agents can simply choose what they want to know, and the video leads them to it. The video increased viewing time by 40%.

How It Inspires: Keep employees and team members updated on the latest trends and educate them with interactive videos.
Purpose of the Video: Training

Gamified Experience Interactive Videos

With gamification, interactive videos can convey messages to a targeted audience, entertaining them simultaneously. The gamified experience can hook viewers, keep them interacting longer and improve recall.

59. Deloitte

This interactive recruiting experience created by Deloitte ensures that new hires understand the fundamental values the company is looking for in its employees. With this interactive experience, Deloitte makes it easy and fun to convey the company ethos to their employees without explaining things in person and making sure they understand what they should and shouldn’t do.

How It Inspires: Have conversations that may need to happen repeatedly with a video instead.
Purpose of the Video: Training

60. Ncase

This interactive video explains how neurons actually work in our brains and how our brains process things like fear. This video by Ncase is a perfect example of how interactive videos can be helpful in e-learning. It makes it very easy for people to learn and understand complex topics.

How It Inspires: Present complex topics as a game with interactive videos.
Purpose of the Video: Educational

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61. Football Manager

This interactive trailer video from Football Manager allows viewers to actually participate in the game and make decisions before playing. This gives viewers a sneak peek into the game itself, increasing demand and support for its launch. 

How It Inspires: Generate hype for a game or premier with interactive videos.
Purpose of the Video: Support for the launch

62. Bolton Wanderers Football Academy

This is an interactive football training video from Bolton Wanderers Football Academy. It engages footballers as they play the game of shooting the ball to brush up on their skills. They can try different shots and simulate different techniques, which increases the time they spend on the video. 

How It Inspires: Engage users by preparing to learn a new skill before they try it in person.
Purpose of the Video: Virtual learning

63. StyleLearn

This is an interactive story video by StyleLearn where viewers can play the role of a detective to investigate a case. At different points of interaction with the suspect, viewers can choose what question they want to ask next. This keeps them engaged throughout the story and holds their attention.

How It Inspires: Find new and exciting ways to keep viewers engaged.
Purpose of the Video: Entertainment

64. KFC

This is a sample of an interactive video game campaign created for KFC Japan. Players can score by slashing the shrimp and win KFC vouchers. This gamified campaign turned out to be a game changer for KFC, and they even had to cut the run-time short to stabilize the supply and demand. 

How It Inspires: Generate interest for a new food deal or launch with a fun game. 
Purpose of the Video: Branding

65. Target

This demo shows how Target turned creating a wish list into a fun, gamified experience. By making it fun for people to create their lists, they encouraged potential customers to adopt and use their app.

How It Inspires: Turning something mundane into an entertaining game can increase engagement rates.
Purpose of the Video: Shopping

66. SafeYou

SafeYou is an interactive choice-based video game where players face sport-based dilemmas for their own benefit or others. Each decision they make during the game has a different outcome, and the game continues in this manner. 

How It Inspires: Use choice-based games to keep users engaged while they are learning.
Purpose of the Video: Educational

Interactive Livestream

An interactive livestream allows the audience to interact, participate, or influence the live-streaming experience in some way. In this way, the audience has some control over what happens during the stream via votes, polls, or similar. They can also participate via questions and comments, chat, or as spectators.

67. Great American 5000 Virtual Marathon

This is a one-of-a-kind virtual event that takes fitness to a new level. People can participate in a group of 12-24 for a three-month virtual run. The map and leaderboard track the progress along the Great American 5000 trek. The teams can donate to feed those in need to make it more meaningful.

How It Inspires: Virtual events can be used to raise money for charity. 
Purpose of the Video: Virtual event

68. Matches Fashion

This is an interactive live fashion show by Matches Fashion where people can enjoy the fashion show and buy the outfits directly from the livestream. This approach increases engagement and the conversion rate, as people are more likely to purchase the outfits when they see them live on models.

How It Inspires: Allowing users to shop as they watch the fashion show increases the chance that they’ll purchase.
Purpose of the Video: Product display

69. Louis Vuitton 

During the pandemic, it was impossible to host live fashion shows, so Louis Vuitton created an interactive livestream to make fans feel like they were in the front row. The video opens with the designer speaking directly to the crowd, and the participants can chat throughout the show.

How It Inspires: Personal elements (like meeting the designer before the show) make viewers feel even more connected.
Purpose of the Video: Product display

70. Moschino 

Instead of simply filming the fashion show so that viewers could feel like they were a part of it, Moschino recreated a fashion show using marionette dolls. Each fashion piece was displayed on puppet models, complete with a puppet Anna Wintour in the crowd, while viewers got to comment their thoughts in real-time.

How It Inspires: Telling a story through video helps further engagement.
Purpose of the Video: Product display

71. TechCrunch Disrupt

In 2020, TechCrunch launched its all-digital multi-day conference that included pitch contests, simulated backgrounds, and online presenters’ and viewers’ participation through the video feed. Presenters could track attendees and communicate with them throughout the event.

How It Inspires: Virtual events can allow participation via video conferencing.
Purpose of the Video: Virtual conference

72. MixPose

Since people couldn’t attend in-person yoga classes during COVID-19, MixPose created an interactive virtual platform so their patrons could stay in shape. HD video and AI capabilities made it possible for users to feel engaged from the safety of their homes.

How It Inspires: Allow users to participate virtually in physical activities or classes.
Purpose of the Video: Virtual workouts

73. Dutch Dance

Dutch Dance Quiz was a video event that gives a nostalgic glimpse of the Dutch Dance TV program. Viewers could participate in the online game quiz to test their dance knowledge and win prizes. 

How It Inspires: Help viewers to participate in television events with virtual quizzes. 
Purpose of the Video: Entertainment

74. Versace

Streaming at the time of the show, this Versace runway celebrating its iconic jungle print allowed people to experience the show from the comfort of their homes. The chat section allowed people to comment, ask questions, and share their thoughts in real-time.

How It Inspires: Involving customers in company celebrations helps them build trust with the brand. 
Purpose of the Video: Product display

75. Luisaviaroma

Luisaviaroma introduced the live video shopping event during Milan, Paris, and NYC Fashion week, where they hosted multiple one-to-many live events. During these events, they listed their products on livestream so that viewers could explore them directly from those links. The result? They garnered a staggering 83% engagement rate and an average 16% add-to-cart rate for their luxury products.

How It Inspires: An excellent customer experience will lead to more sales.
Purpose of the Video: Product display

76. Ted Baker

Ted Baker added this shoppable video to their website as a part of the #TedPresents campaign. This campaign allowed viewers to buy their products directly from the video. This was one of the most successful campaigns from the brand that helped them make around £70,000 worth of sales.

How It Inspires: Use a story to engage customers and increase sales.
Purpose of the Video: Product display

Parallel Experience

In these interactive videos, two scenes with different narratives run parallel. The viewer can switch between the two using a toggle button, such as holding down a key or clicking a button in the video. 

77. Honda

This parallel experience from Honda is a creative masterpiece that shows the same scenario from two different perspectives. Viewers can switch between these perspectives by pressing the key R on the keyboard. The parallel element keeps the story alive, and the viewers engaged to see what happens from the other perspective.

How It Inspires: Use creativity and adrenaline to hype the viewer up.

Purpose of the Video: Branding

78. LaCantina 

This interactive video by LaCantina takes users through how to create a perfect indoor-outdoor experience, the problems, and the solutions they offer. Viewers can choose between different types of options LaCantina offers and see what would be a good match for them. 

They can even watch from different views with a click of a button and learn more about the offerings right in the video. This creates an immersive experience for the customers and clears all their doubts before they make their decision.

How It Inspires: A switch in perspectives allows the viewer to weigh their choices.
Purpose of the Video: Product description

79. Major Lazer

This parallel experience video shows the dream and reality of a boy who wants to be a professional dancer. Viewers can switch between his dream and his reality with a click of a button and experience how he turns his dreams into reality. This is a perfect storytelling experience that keeps the viewers hooked on the video until it ends.

How It Inspires: Add inspirational elements and an emotional storyline to engage the user.
Purpose of the Video: Music video

80. Nike

During the 2018 World Junior Hockey Championships, Nike Canada released a 90-second film that allowed viewers to choose “nice” or “less nice” versions of a story as a hockey player traveled through town to get to his game.

How It Inspires: Hype customers for a sports event while showcasing products at the same time.
Purpose of the Video: Product placement

81. Onewheel

This video gives viewers the experience of riding a Onewheel on different terrains like the countryside, down a city street, and even through a quarry. Seeing how smooth the ride is in all situations is helpful for imagining the product experience. 

How It Inspires: Show viewers what is possible for the product by placing it in different scenarios.
Purpose of the Video: Product experience

360 Degree Interactive Videos

360° video is a video captured with an omnidirectional camera that allows the viewers to see in all directions and take in the video from every angle. They’re also known as spherical or immersive videos because the viewers feel as if they’re experiencing what’s in the video.

82. National Geographic

This 360-degree video by Nat Geo shows users a view of the unfortunate trash left on Mount Everest. Viewers can watch the video and pause it for 360 views at any point in the video. It brings awareness to the issue while giving the viewers a first-hand look at the situation.

How It Inspires: Teach viewers about a cause to inspire involvement.
Purpose of the Video: Environmental activism

83. VR Gorilla

This video by VR Gorilla explores Budapest with an interactive video that allows the viewers to explore the city and learn more about it. Viewers can play the video and pause it when they want to look around in a 360 spectrum!

How It Inspires: Showcase a destination uniquely and let viewers explore it in their own way.
Purpose of the Video: Tourism

84. BBC

The BBC takes viewers to the Great Pyramid of Giza in this interactive video. Viewers can choose which direction to explore while learning facts and history.

How It Inspires: Take viewers places they wouldn’t typically get to go with interactive video.
Purpose of the Video: Educational entertainment

85. ALADDIN on Broadway

This video takes the viewer to the stages of Broadway to view the musical Aladdin close-up! Viewers can explore the stage from the comfort of their homes and watch the song “Friend Like Me” from many different angles. 

How It Inspires: Preview shows or experiences by giving viewers a close-up experience.
Purpose of the Video: Entertainment

86. NeuTech Inhaler

This digital marketing demo allows potential customers to explore the different features of the NeuTech Inhaler thanks to the buttons placed on the drug. You can also learn who it’s for, who it’s not for, and other important medical information.

How It Inspires: A simple layout makes it easy for the viewer to navigate all of the information.
Purpose of the Video: Product usage


This video allows you to explore the myTECHNIC showroom, which includes an engine workshop, airplane hangars, and more. Popup boxes give viewers more information about each area, allowing them to explore from afar.

How It Inspires: Use pop-up boxes to provide additional information to the user. 
Purpose of the Video: Showroom tour

88. Jones Lang Lasalle Employability Project

For graduate recruitment, the JLL created interactive scenarios for young adults to practice job hunting. The experiences cover many common scenarios to give graduates an idea of what to expect in JLL’s recruitment workshops.

How It Inspires: Choice-based outcomes make it easy to discover different conditions.
Purpose of the Video: Recruitment

89. Granada

This 360 video explores Granada allowing you to explore attractions like the Alhambra as well as learn about the history of the area and even buy tickets. It uses branching to allow users to “choose their own adventure” and explore the location before they go.

How It Inspires: Virtual sightseeing allows users to learn details about various locations.
Purpose of the Video: Travel

90. Luxury House Tour

It’s the 360-degree view of a gorgeous home on sale. Clickable buttons allow you to explore multiple rooms and gain an idea of what it would be like to tour the house in person.

How It Inspires: Add history-based text snippets and property details to give viewers all the necessary information.
Purpose of the Video: Virtual tour

91. Virtual Art Sessions

This experiment in virtual reality painting with Tilt Brush feels like an interactive art exhibit. The project partnered with six world-renowned artists allowing the user to experience their work in one convenient location.

How It Inspires: Interactive isn’t only useful for products and services— it can be used to display art.
Purpose of the Video: 3D art

92. Discovery

This interactive video by Discovery gives you an (almost) real-life experience of the Gondola ride in Venice. You can get a 360-degree virtual reality view of the city using the arrow buttons. Viewers can enjoy the sights and sounds that a tourist can from anywhere in the world.

How It Inspires: Attract tourists to a destination by showing them a preview of what to expect.
Purpose of the Video: Travel and tourism

Personalized Interactive Videos

Personalized videos are 35% more likely to retain viewers. Add interactivity into the mix, and you get the perfect strategy to engage your audience and delight them at the same time. Personalized videos can be as simple as addressing individual customers by their names. However, personalized interactive videos can ask viewers successive questions and offer them a truly individualized experience. 

93. Cadbury 

Cadbury allowed people to personalize videos for their loved ones, which featured customizable photos and other elements, ending with a personalized note to the recipient. It was a cute way for customers to connect emotionally with the brand.

How It Inspires: Sweet and touching videos show that a brand really cares.
Purpose of the Video: Brand loyalty

94. Nike

Nike personalized motivational videos by presenting customers’ Nike+ year in review and giving them a goal for the following year. To further customize, they chose appropriate animations based on personal data and distributed the video via Nike’s microsite.

How It Inspires: Motivate and inspire the audience by showing them what’s possible.
Purpose of the Video: Lead nurturing

95. Facebookversaries

Facebook compiles personalized videos to showcase different users’ anniversaries with the network. They use images, names, and other customizations to make them personal and touching.

How It Inspires: Remind users that they are loyal to build further affinity with a brand.
Purpose of the Video: Lead nurturing

96. The University of Waterloo

By using the names of prospective students in their “you’re accepted” videos, the University of Waterloo added a personalized element that allowed students to feel what it might be like attending the school. 

How It Inspires: Interactive videos can stoke excitement for an upcoming event.
Purpose of the Video: Recruitment

97. Barclays

Barclays sent personalized videos with customers’ names and loan approval amounts, leveraging what they know about them to increase engagement and deliver customized offers. They enjoyed a 75% increase in enrollment with the help of videos like these.

How It Inspires: Add a CTA at the forefront of videos to increase conversions.
Purpose of the Video: Nurturing existing clients

98. Spotify

Spotify does a year-end wrap covering the most-listened-to music for each user. People share it on social media, which is basically free advertising for the Spotify brand. 

How It Inspires: Inspire social shares with a personalized, shareable video.
Purpose of the Video: Entertainment

99. Marketo

To advertise the Marketing Nation Summit, Marketo created personalized videos with attendees’ names. The idea is to get people excited before the event and make them feel like valued members of the audience.

How It Inspires: Using a customer’s name helps them feel valued.
Purpose of the Video: Invitation

100. Klap

Klap was looking for a way to engage their customers using video, so they sent personalized videos on clients’ birthdays and for company events. It worked so well that 97% of viewers responded positively.

How It Inspires: Show the versatility of a product using interactive video.
Purpose of the Video: Product experience

Interactive videos are versatile and can be used in many different ways and for many different purposes. These 100 top interactive video examples will inspire you to create stellar interactive videos for your own purpose and get better engagement, brand recognition, and conversion for your company. 

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